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Spice Company

An international spice company provides their product under their own label or private label.  Chances are if you have spices in your cupboard you have some of their product. ALLIT served as the Project Champion of the successful implementation their new ERP system by Plex Systems.  The direction given by the CEO was that on “Go Live” that the company should be able to place orders, receive product, produce, receive orders, ship orders, invoice and receive payments.  The CEO was familiar with other companies that had attempted transitioning to other products that left them with serious deficiencies such as being unable to purchase product for a company whose business model was “on demand delivery”. Another company was unable to ship product in their new system for three weeks even though the product was on the dock ready to be shipped.  ALLIT delivered.  On “Go Live” the spice company was completely functional.  All of the targets were met.  Inventory was transferred and all relevant data was transferred from their legacy system and they had a very successful launch.

ALLIT was not finished with this company.  They continue their partnership.  In addition to the successful launch of Plex ERP, ALLIT was able to implement a solution that reduced their desktop support costs by $82,000 annually.  ALLIT Networks offers unlimited desktop support for a flat rate. ALLIT has found that 90% of PC issues can be resolved remotely.  Contact ALLIT Networks to see how they can help you with your EDI and ERP implementation and reduce your desktop support issues.  www.allitnet.com 805.394.8700 or sales@allitnet.com

Achorage Law Firm

A new law firm based in Anchorage Alaska needed to set up the infrastructure for their new office.   ALLIT Networks, was able to supply a complete network infrastructure for their new office. All of the offices were cabled and routers and switches installed.  ALLIT also provides VOIP Telecommunications.  ALLIT provided the complete VOIP infrastructure as well.  ALLIT implemented their new CLIO law management software and supervised the transfer of data into this new system.  The law firm is also utilizing ALLIT’s unlimited desktop support program to keep their firm running smoothely.  ALLIT Networks can replace your phone system with a VOIP system.  ALLIT can also provide dial tone over your existing network for significant savings.  Contact ALLIT Networks to see how they can help you reduce your phone costs or provide law firm management solutions.  www.allitnet.com 805.394.8700 or sales@allitnet.com

Plush Toy Company

A plush toy company manufactures and sells singing and animated plush toys.  ALLIT is in the beginning stages of working with this manufacturer.  We have analyzed their network and phone systems.  Their current accounting system does not provide for good communications with the warehouse and less than stellar inventory management. Their server is outdated and would require extensive and expensive upgrades.  ALLIT’s solution cuts their phone bill by 55% with $5,300 savings annually.  ALLIT negotiated a 3 year subscription upgrade from Gold to Platinum of their existing software providing the warehouse management and inventory detail they desire.  The software upgrade is less than their current subscription price.  Moving their system to the cloud would save them $20,000 in server upgrade costs.  Contact ALLIT Networks to see how they can help you with a single point of contact solution or reduce your costs by moving to the cloud.  www.allitnet.com 805.394.8700 or sales@allitnet.com

Commercial Real Estate firm

A commercial real estate firm with substantial assets and developments is having issues with their IT configuration.  Their existing firm has co-located a server in another state with irritating inconsistencies.

ALLIT is still in the early stages of developing a complete plan with this client.  They have 4 locations throughout the state that needs to seamlessly integrate.  They connect to their servers via a Citrix VPN.  Their Server is out of date and they are experiencing intermittent glitches that frustrate everyone especially upper management who at times act as the de facto IT Department which is a major distraction.  ALLIT’s proposal thus far is to move them to a cloud based solution.  This move will save the client $85,000 annually before looking at potential phone savings.  Contact ALLIT Networks to see how they can help you reduce your desktop support issues and move your system to the cloud.  www.allitnet.com 805.394.8700 or sales@allitnet.com.